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THE ALARM L-R Twist, Dave Sharp, Mike Peters & Eddie McDonald


Way back in 1983 I finally had the opportunity to travel from boring small-town England up to the so called bright lights of London to see a gig. I spent much of my early teenage years and money watching a succession of vibrant, angry and sometimes violent punk bands play the local YMCA and I was hooked on the whole gig going experience. Having no-one else around then who shared the love of an angry guitar made it easier to see whoever came to town but finally I took the plunge deciding to go and see one of my first heroes, Jake Burns (formerly of Stiff Little Fingers) live with his new band The Big Wheel "up town" supporting some band I had vaguely heard of so off I went to Hammersmith Palais.

After Jake & Co had done their thing as well as always I figured I may as well stay and get value for money and see the main attraction who promptly arrived looking like they had sauntered in as extras from a cowboy film ! From the opening blast of "Declaration" complete with the shoulder high hoisted acoustic guitars resplendent with the enormous spot light silhouetting them against the back drop I was hooked.

I had never seen such raw power, such passion and I would later learn such honesty.

I had finally found "my band" !!

Now 15 years later, after seeing them 30 times across the country on all their tours, the massive Wembley Stadium show and the infamous 'Blaze Of Glory' final show at Brixton the passion still burns in me. I cant stop listening to those oh so overlooked powerful pop tunes, those lyrics that spoke to me as a young man now take on new meanings as I enter my 'new chapter' having now got married and become a father. Just when I may be tiring of an album or a track I re-visit it and find I have missed it like an old friend. Just when I think a live bootleg is not as entertaining as it once was I dig one out of the cupboard and it blows me away again !

Here in 1998 both Dave Sharp and Mike Peters are still making music. Dave now again leaning towards his folksy roots whereas Mike has embraced technology and moved forward to produce three stunning solo long players and at the time of writing is on the verge of commercial success again after teaming up with his pal Billy Duffy (he of the Cult fame) to bring the world ColorSound but still the integrity and power burns just as brightly in both men's hearts.

Don’t miss out again if you were not lucky enough to witness the power of The Alarm live. Travel to New Orleans to see Mr. Sharp, Pick up a copy of Mike's latest epic "Rise" and See ColorSound live in 98.

Better still do all 3 and then come to the annual ‘Gathering’ in Wales next year and tell me all about it !!

Peter 17/4/98

As they were best remembered....LIVE !