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Recordings, Live Shows & Collectibles

As of 8th February 2000


UK Vinyl Albums 

The Stand EP 
Strength (picture disc)
Eye Of The Hurricane
Electric Folklore
Change (plus free single)
Newid (Welsh Change)

USA Vinyl Albums

Eye Of the Hurricane x2
Electric Folklore

UK CD Albums

Eye Of the Hurricane
Electric Folklore
The Best Of
King Biscuit Flower Hour Presents

UK 7" Vinyl Singles

Lets Go / Bank Holiday Weekend as Seventeen
Lets Go / Bank Holiday Weekend  (red vinyl bootleg)
Unsafe Building 
Unsafe Building (red vinyl bootleg)
Marching On
The Stand
68 Guns 
68 Guns (inc. free tape)
Where Were You Hiding ?
The Deceiver (clear vinyl)
The Deceiver (+ free single)
The Chant
Absolute Reality
Absolute Reality (gatefold double pack)
Strength (poster sleeve)
Spirit Of 76
Knifedge (gatefold + autographed)
Rain In The Summertime 
Rain In The Summertime (collectors pack + autographed)
Rescue Me (blue vinyl)
Rescue Me (poster sleeve)
Presence Of Love (picture disc)
Presence Of Love 
Sold Me Down The River
Sold Me Down The River (poster pack)
New South Wales
New South Wales (die cut sleeve)
Hwylio Dros Y Mor (New South Wales Welsh version)
Love Don't Come Easy (die cut sleeve)
Unsafe Building 1990 (collectors pack)
Unsafe Building 1990 (await delivery)
Raw (red vinyl)

UK 10" Vinyl Singles

Knifedge (poppy shaped picture disc)
Love Don't Come Easy (picture disc)
Sold Me Down The River
New South Wales (white vinyl)

UK 12" Vinyl Singles 

The Stand
68 Guns (fully autographed)
Where Were You Hiding ?
The Deceiver
The Chant (fully autographed)
Absolute Reality
Spirit Of 76
Spirit Of 76 (double pack)
Rain In The Summertime (Dave # autograph)
Rain In The Summertime (Twist autograph)
Rain In The Summertime (Eddie autograph) (await delivery)
Rain In The Summertime Thru The Haze Mix (+ fully autographed)
Presence Of Love
Love Don't Come Easy 
Rescue Me 
Sold Me Down The River
New South Wales
Unsafe Building 1990

USA & Miscellaneous Vinyl Singles 

The Stand 7" (USA)
The Stand 7" (UK promo)
The Deceiver 7" (German promo)
The Deceiver 7" (USA)
The Deceiver 12" (USA promo)
Absolute Reality 12" (USA promo)
Absolute Reality 7" (USA)
Strength 7" (USA)
Strength 12" (USA promo #1)
Strength 12" (USA promo #2)
Spirit Of 76 12" (USA promo)
Rain In The Summertime 7" (USA)
Rain In The Summertime 7" (USA white label promo)
Rain In The Summertime 12" (USA promo)
Presence Of Love 12" (USA promo)
Presence Of Love 7" (USA)
Presence Of Love 7" (USA promo)
Standards (6 x 7" Vinyl singles - UK Promo Release)

CD Singles

The Stand 3" (USA)
68 Guns 3" (USA)
Sold Me Down The River
Presence Of Love 
New South Wales
Love Don't Come Easy
Unsafe Building 1990
Compact Hits 

USA CD Promo Singles

Rain In The Summertime 
Sold Me Down The River 
Love Don't Come Easy 
Merry Xmas - War Is Over (MP autographed)
The Road 

Live Recordings
Audio (cassette tape unless specified)

London Lyceum 17 Apr 83
Boston 14 Dec 83
Brighton Hall 23/12/83
Radio 1 broadcasts (Declaration era)
"Marching Live" vinyl LP
Glasgow inc. s/check 1 Feb 84 
Cleveland Agora USA 4 Apr 84
"Lorelei Rock" 25 Aug 84 vinyl LP
"Major Premise" Zurich 1984 CD
Pittsburgh Stanley Theater 4 Oct 84
London Hammersmith Palais 23 Dec 84   
Long Island My Fathers Place 1984
BBC Transcription Disc 1984 vinyl LP
"Camera Action - Alarm" vinyl LP
Boston 9 Nov 85
London Hammersmith Odeon 16 Dec 85 (2 tapes)
London Wembley Stadium 12 July 86 
"Knifedge" vinyl LP
Greenbelt '86
London Kilburn National 13 May 87
NY Beacon Theater 4 Dec 87 
Philadelphia Tower Theater 16 Apr 88  
Boston 26 Apr 88
"The Future of Rock n Roll" Chicago 88 (USA promo LP)
"Curtain Call" CD (USA promo)
"Coming Of Age" CD
Oslo 1988
"Change.Demos." CD
London Shaw Theater 23 Oct 89
NY Ritz (with N Young) 14 Dec 89  
Manchester Intl. II 23 Mar 91 
Milan 92 - Raw 
MTV Unplugged (with Dave Sharp and Twist)
"Singles, Sessions & Demos" (4 tapes)
"Never Let The Fire Die" 1996 CD
"Out Of The Cupboard & Into The Real World" 1998 CD
Planet Earth 1998 CD
Alarm2000 Dallas Texas 29 Oct 2000 (2 disc)


UK Vinyl Albums


UK Vinyl 12" Singles

Back Into The System 
It Just Don't Get Any Better Than This

UK CD Albums

Aer (Breathe Welsh version) 
Breathe Acoustic Sessions
Second Generation Volume I
Feel Free
Abbey Road Sessions 
Red Acoustic Works 1981-85
Blue Acoustic Works 1985-91 
Rise (personally inscribed)
Live (autographed)
Flesh & Blood (personally inscribed)

US CD Albums

Feel Free 
Rise (personally inscribed)

UK CD Singles

Back Into the System (Welsh version) 
Back Into the System 
It Just Don't Get Any Better Than This
Shine On 
Talk Talk Talk (Daniel Denekke)


It Just Don't Get Any Better Than This CDS
Regeneration CDS
Feel Free (MPO U.S CD album promo - autographed)
Breathe (UK CD album promo)
Shine On 1215 (Virgin Radio UK CDR acetate)
Shine On (USA CDS single promo)
Shine On 12" vinyl white label
Rise (UK CD album promo)
Rise (UK 5 track CD promo)
Rise (Shepherds Bush CD Rise promo)
Transcendental (UK/USA 5 track CD promo single)

Live Recordings
Audio (tape unless specified)
* Signifies 1 1/2 tapes
Radio 1 interview 29 Jan 92 
Virgin interview 30 Apr 92 
Bath Moles 11 Jul 92 
Gathering1 Dec 92
Colchester Arts Center 3 Apr 94
Gathering3 Jan 95 (2 tapes)
MP Welsh radio interviews (+ Ethan Johns)
NY Ithaca The Haunt 13 Nov 95 (acoustic)
Maxwell's Hoboken NJ 11 Dec 95 (acoustic)
Gathering4 Jan 96 (5 tapes)
WBCN Interview 3 Mar 96
NY Irving Plaza 16 Mar 96 (acoustic)
Stockton Harveys 25 Apr 96 *
Hebden Bridge 6 May 96 *
Birmingham Foundry 12 Sep 96 *
Hartlepool Town Hall 14 Sep 96 *
Sheffield Leadmill 15 Sep 96 *
Leeds Duchess 16 Sep 96 *
Sheffield Town Hall 23 Nov 96 (acoustic)
London 100 Club 17 Dec 96 *
Dirks "new & acoustic 96"
Gathering5 Jan 97 (5 tapes)
Sheffield 28 Jan 98
Seattle 9 June 98
Bristol Listening Party (2 tapes)
Manchester Listening Party (2 tapes)
Live & Acoustic in USA compilation 97/98
Gathering6 98 (2 tapes)
Rise demo tape NY edit Inc 'I Want You'
Scunthorpe 21 Jan 98
Sheffield Dec 98 CDx2 (acoustic)
Gathering7 99 Friday Night acoustic & semi acoustic
Boston Interactive Works CD 99 (acoustic) 
Caerphilly Castle 19 Jul 99 (acoustic)
Festival Of Lights compilation CD
Dead Men Walking Worcester 2000 (2 disc)


CD Albums

Hard Traveling 
Downtown America 
Downtown America Demo's 

Audio  (tape unless specified)

Hiding In Plain Sight CD
New York 92
The Kerry NO May 98
Rhyl Bistro 92
Ashton Under Lyne 27 Oct 98


CD Albums

Coloursound self titled

CD Singles

Demo self-released single

Audio  (tape unless specified)

G6 debut show CD
SXSW Texas 19 Mar 98
LA Viper Room
NY Mercury Lounge 98 (CD)
Greenbelt 31 Aug 98
Leeds Duchess 29 Sep 98
Astbury Park NJ 17 Nov 98
Bradford Dec 98


CD Album pre-release (minus sticker) (to be delivered)
CDR Album no artwork and different track listing order

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