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* UK releases unless stated otherwise


Definitely Maybe CD
Definitely Maybe vinyl  
Whatís The Story ? Morning Glory CD
Be Here Now Asia import CD
Be Here Now US import CD (different sleeve date) 
Be Here Now UK fan club collectors vinyl box set

7" Vinyl Singles

Live Forever numbers 1734 & 2535
Cigarettes & Alcohol number 479
Whatever numbers 3031 & 11733
Some Might Say
Roll With It
Donít Look Back In Anger 
Dí Yer Know What I Mean ? 
Stand By Me
All Around The number 2504

CD Singles

Live Forever 
Cigarettes & Alcohol 
Some Might Say
Roll With It 
Donít Look Back In Anger
Dí Yer Know What I Mean ?
Stand By Me
All Around The World


Audio; (tapes unless specified)

Untold Story 
A Year In The Life 
1996 CD 
Rock n Roll Stars CD 
Glastonbury 95 (FM) 
Dublin Point 96 (FM) 
Working Class Hero (acoustic) 
Bournemouth Arena 5/10/95 
Maine Road 27/04/96 CD 
Knebworth 11/08/98 (FM) 
Undrugged (acoustic) 
Supersonic Pop Reaction 
Rags To Riches 
Live In LA 
The Lost Tapes CD
Listen Up 
Paris Supernova 
Step Into 96 
MTV Unplugged (acoustic) 
Chicago 27/8/96 (Liam-less show) 
More Mancunians CD 
The UK Mixes
Planet Earth (2 tapes) 
Unplugged Vol. 2 (acoustic) 
Live By The Sea
Minneapolis Uptown Bar (& soundcheck) 1994
Earl's Court London 5/11/95
Maine Road 28/4/96
Live at the Whiskey
Tibet gig - Noel solo NY Jun 97 (awaiting dely) 
San Francisco 97 (U2 support)
Its Not Blur
Its A Knockout - Sheffield 23/9/97
Manchester G-Mex 14/12/97 (FM)
Birmingham NEC 30/9/97
London Earls Court 27/9/97
Complete B-Sides (self complied) (2 tapes)
Dublin Point 97 (Liam-less show)
Toronto 98 
Slide Away CD
250,000 Fans Cant Be Wrong CD
Now 97 CD
Manchester G-Mex 1996 
Under The Boardwalk (awaiting dely)
Rosemont Horizon Chicago 17/1/98 (awaiting dely)
Roseland Ballroon NY (1 hour souncheck only) 11/10/98 (awaiting dely)

Email me for set lists, contents, questions etc. 

Please also be aware I also have a very extensive collection of 
ALARM and MIKE PETERS bootlegs plus an assortment of other artists.

Video (UK format) 
** ALL STORED IN THE UK IM AFRAID - no trading till 1999 !!

Earls Court 95 (both nights)
London Forum (Aug 94)
London Astoria (Aug 94)
MTV Unplugged
Live By The Sea
There & Then
MTV Weekend
Oasis TV appearances 1994/95
Oasis TV appearances 1996
Oasis Live at G-Mex 14/12/97 MTV
Oasis BBC documentary


Australian Imports;

Shakermaker Australian import CD
Supersonic Australian import CD
Live Forever Australian import CD
Cigs & Alcohol Australian import CD
Whatever Australian import CD
Some Might Say Australian import CD
Morning Glory Australian import CD
Roll With It Australian import CD
Wonderwall Australian import CD
Donít Look Back In Anger Australian import CD
Champagne Supernova Australian import CD
D Yer Know What I Mean ? Australian import CD 
Stand By Me Australian import CD 
All Around The World Australian import CD

USA Imports;

Wonderwall US import CD
Donít Look Back In Anger US import CD
All Around The World US import CD (await dely) mtv!

Japan Imports; 

Supersonic / Shakermaker Japanese import CD
Some Might Say Japanese import CD
Donít Go Away Japanese import CD 
UK Promo Materials;

I'd Like To Teach The World To Sing (Nowaysis) UK promo CD
Is (Smaller - featuring NG on guitar) UK promo CD 
Live Forever (UK 7" vinyl - jukebox pressing)
Whatever  (UK 7" vinyl - jukebox pressing)
Roll With It  (UK 7" vinyl - jukebox pressing)
Wonderwall  (UK 7" vinyl - jukebox pressing)
Donít Look Back In Anger  (UK 7" vinyl - jukebox pressing)
Whatís The Story ? Morning Glory UK promo CD 
Roll With It UK promo poster signed by NG

USA Promo Materials;

Supersonic US promo CD
Chicago Live at The Metro US promo CD (genuine)
Live Forever US promo CD
Rock n Roll Star US promo CD
Whatís The Story Morning Glory US promo CD
Morning Glory US promo CD
Wonderwall US promo CD
Donít Look Back In Anger US promo CD
Champagne Supernova US promo CD
D Yer Know What I Mean ? US promo CD
Donít Go Away US promo CD
Be Here Now US CD (different sleeve date) 
All Around the World US promo CD
I Hope I think I Know US promo CD 
San Francisco 94 gig promo poster signed by NG
Whatís The Story ? US press kit

Cassette Tapes;

Cigarettes & Alcohol - demo version (NME 1994 tape)
Its Good To Be Free (NME 1995 tape)
Boneheads Bank Holiday (NME 1996 tape)
Live Forever - demo version 1993 (NME 1997 tape)

Singles, Collaborations etc.;

Day Tripper - live with OCS  ("The Circle" CD2)
Wonderwall (Mike Flowers Pops)
I'd Like To Teach The World To Sing (Nowaysis) UK CD
Setting Son - NG collaboration with Chemical Bros. CD 
Temper Temper (Goldie 2 CD - featuring NG on guitar and video) 
Oxford Street - Paul Weller CD bootleg at The 100 club inc NG on guitar

Definitely Maybe Europe 5 track promo CD
Definitely Maybe Singles Box
Fade Away - acoustic version ("Help" CD)
Whatís The Story ? Singles Box
Hello Spanish promo CD
Devils Haircut - US CD acetate of NG's remix
There & Then live CD (free with video)
There & Then VCD (x2)
Be Here Now Asia promo poster 
The Royal Philharmonic Plays Oasis CD
Be Here Now Euro live promo CD single
Be Here Now Euro promo CD

Interviews etc.;

NG on GLR Feb 96 (playing his favorite tracks for 1 1/2 hours)
March 95 - NG and Bonehead (CD)
Free with singles box sets (CD)
Radio 1 documentary (VOX)
Radio 1 - (the infamous outbursts !!)
All Round To Noel's Place - Radio 1 Xmas 97
Wibbling Rivalry (CD)
Various US Interviews WFS etc.
Various 94-98 (tape tree)


Take Me There - Paul Mathur
Whatís The Story ? - Ian Roberston
From Childhood.... - Paul Gallagher
Oasis - Lee Henshaw
Getting High The Official Biog. - Paulo Hewitt

Depending on where you are in the world you can send me tapes etc. at; 

SINGAPORE, ENGLAND OR NY email me for info

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