250,000 Oasis Fans Can't Be Wrong 
The Acoustic Sessions
A Year In The Life
Black On White
British Lads In Boston
Cigarettes & Alcohol
Definitive Too 
Hot In The City 
Its Not Blur !
Listen Up
Live At Knebworth 1996 
Lost Tapes
Lost Inside
MTV Unplugged +
Made In America 
Maine Road 
New York City 
Now 97
Revolution From My Bed 
Slide Away
Step Into 1996
Swedish Radio 94 + More
Tartan Dream 
A Tribute To Oasis
Unplugged, Vol. 2
Up In The Sky

please see links below for seperate TRADING page 

OK so here's the deal.

I know a guy who has some contacts and we do business. 
I am happy to indirectly share that contact and try and get you oasis CD bootlegs at reasonable prices. 
No advertising, no bullshit, just me trying to help out.

The list above will change from time to time so come back. 
I will however i will ALWAYS check availability for you before agreeing a price etc.
I will also within reason take requests and see what i can do, no guarantee though. 

I take payment in CASH only in either ENGLISH POUNDS or US DOLLARS.
Please use your brain when sending thru the post and disguise it well enough so that any sticky fingered individuals dont run off with it.

I have traded with many people over the years so i think its fair to say you can trust me. 

Rest assured i am not taking the piss so make sure you dont you either.

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